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Solar panels on pitched roof in Albuquerque NM

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Get the best solar panels in New Mexico...and more!


Federal Tax Credit

25 year

Panel Warranty


Your Year for Solar!

Premium Solar Panels in ABQ

We install high-efficiency SunPower® solar panels throughout New Mexico. Along with durability, quality, and sleek aesthetic...SunPower offers the best warranties in the solar industry and is the oldest still-operating solar panel manufacturer.

We also provide other premium panels on a case-by-case basis. Get in touch to see how we can best serve you.

How to finance a new roof for a home

Finance a new roof, HVAC, and other home upgrades

Need a new roof or HVAC? Get solar and roll the construction into your financing at our special low interest rates. Anything that increases your energy efficiency can be financed by the solar loan.

Multiple solar mounting options

We know there are some interesting roofs in New Mexico. Fortunately, we can install solar panels on slanted & flat roofs, ground mounts, carports, casitas, and more!

Ground mount solar panels near a house in New Mexico
Residential Solar powered EV charging Image by Sophie Jonas

Charge your e-car with solar

Yes! You can easily plug in your electric vehicle(s) into your home solar system and divest yourself completely from fossil fuels and Big Energy. 

Solar battery backup for homes

Gain energy independence and store your energy with solar! Easily add energy storage to your solar system. You can do this when you sign up or add a battery to your system if you already have solar.

Sunpower residential solar battery storage
Best solar maintenance service in New Mexico

Solar panel maintenance, troubleshooting, upgrades, and add-ons

As a local installer and having our own install crew we can service any system that has already been installed or if you get installed with us we'll be there to help you if any issues come up. We can assist if you have additional energy needs by adding more panels to your current installation as well as needing to upgrade your electrical box. 

Custom solar for your specific home needs

Solar production changes with the seasons. We'll design the perfect system for your home & usage so the PNM credits you earn for summer surplus balance out your winter needs when there's less sunlight. 

New Mexico solar panels (SunPower)
Solar electrictians on rooftop installing solar

Save thousands $$ per year with solar

For $0 downpayment you can shave hundreds off your monthly energy bill—forever. Save money, invest in your home, help the planet...why wait?

Pearl Certification for solar homes in New Mexico

We get your home Pearl Certified

Our third-party Pearl Certification turns your solar, inverter, and battery installation into investment documentation, which helps your home appraise for a higher value.

Tax credit assistance for solar

Yes! There's still federal tax money available for new solar panel installations! Up to 30% in tax credits for 2023 and on. We'll help you maximize your returns.

How to get tax benefits from home solar in New Mexico

"My solar panels look great. I have Spanish tiles on my roof and Photon Rainbow did a great job putting up the panels without breaking any tiles. And the inspection with PNM went smoothly. Get’s worth it!"

— Archie Richardson III

Photon Rainbow Solar staff night at axe throwing

Get solar from someone you call friend

We offer a different kind of solar experience for homeowners in New Mexico. That's because we value you as a neighbor and cherished member of our community. We do relationships...not quotas.

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