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About Us

Friendliest Solar Company in Albuquerque!

Referral Based

Education Focused

Community Oriented

Photon Rainbow_LOGO_white_solar.png

What's in a name—why "Photon Rainbow"?

A photon is the basic unit of light. It's an energetic particle that travels through space at different wavelengths. Some of those we see as color. ​The bouncing rainbow in our logo represents the Greek letter gamma ɣ which is the scientific symbol for a photon. When photons hit a solar cell in a photovoltaic panel, they knock electrons loose from their atoms. Conductors form an electrical circuit to collect those charged particles, letting us harnesses their energy for myriad uses. Photo = light Voltaic = generating electricity Photon Rainbow's name & logo signify our commitment to education, quality, science, and spreading the spectrum of solar benefits into the lives of our community.

"Trustworthy, highly competent, and very customer-focused. They know the business, and they hustle. We are delighted with the solution they made possible, and how they took care of everything on our behalf."

— John Dexter

Our Mission

We are here to impact our community and the environment by doing solar the right way. 

Our Values

"We are HI-TEC"


Leadership Team

Mark Kelly


Mark began his solar education journey in 2017, working for various local & national solar companies in the Albuquerque area. Naturally open-hearted and empathetic, Mark saw a need for integrity in the solar industry when he noticed how some of those companies treated their customers. But then he saw the light at the end of the rainbow... When he launched Photon Rainbow Solar in 2020, his mission was to create a solar company that put the customer first and to deliver the best solar experience possible to his fellow New Mexicans… because Photon Rainbow Solar is built on community.

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maggie (1) copy.jpg

Maggie Kelly


Maggie loves helping the planet and meeting new people. She's here to ensure a seamless online experience through this website, social media, printed materials, videos, photos, and more. As well as staff graphics, gear, and print support. Favorite restaurant - Flying Star Favorite New Mexico Season - All but summer Favorite hike - Piedra Lisa Red, green, or Christmas? - Green

Community Empowerment Team

Our solar sales reps are well educated, highly experienced, and treat you differently. Check our Google Reviews. That's because we try to do things differently.

We don't send out door-knockers to thresh out unsuspecting leads. Our approach is based on community & education—even if you don't get a system, you'll walk away more informed and aware of how solar works and what works for you.

From your referral or direct signup, you'll work with your very own community advocate from day one. They'll address any questions, considerations, or concerns about solar, and help you build the exact right system for your needs—no more, no less.

Earl's photo.png

Earl Ortega


Earl has been an entrepreneur for most of his life. His strengths lie in sales and marketing. He closed his businesses to care for his mother & grandmother then found himself needing to go back into the workforce. Coming to Photon Rainbow, he has found a home and passion for what he says, “Solar with Photon Rainbow is a win-win, what a pleasure to help people.” Philosophy - Treat everyone you meet as if they are your Family. You can learn something from everyone you meet in life. Hobbies - Hot Air Ballooning & Skydiving Favorite Quote - "The road to wisdom is paved by the mistakes of our youth."

Kelly's photo_edited.png
Kelly Seibert


A former middle- and high-school teacher, Kelly was drawn to Photon Rainbow Solar because of its educational approach. She's here to make solar easy & clear because it's a win/win—families can save so much money while building a more sustainable world. Favorite restaurant - El Paisa Favorite outdoor activity - Teaching yoga at the Grower's Market & other parks NM United games watched - Basically all of them Red, green, or Christmas - Christmas obviously. Or just green, if it's Sept/Oct

Photon Rainbow_LOGO_white_solar.png
Rafal Mistrzak


Coming soon!

"Kelly 100% knows her solar! They truly educate instead of sell/promote...and orchestrate EVERYTHING from roofing to painting. Extremely hands-on & responsive—you'll never have to chase them to respond like other solar companies."

— Mandi Loudenback

"We had a wonderful experience with Photon Rainbow on our residential solar project. Shane was extremely courteous, responsive, and informative... he even guided us through the tax return process so we could get our solar credits ASAP."

— Justin Holtzen

Nuts & Bolts Team

Unlike most solar companies in New Mexico, we have our own dedicated installation crew. They're friendly and super professional—and feel free to ask them any install questions you have while they're onsite! They're happy to talk solar!


Leigh Zender


To Leigh, what makes Photon Rainbow Solar unique is our team mindset. Working as a team; communication being not only accepted, but welcomed & encouraged in an unusual way. Favorite restaurant - Farm & Table Favorite cocktail - Vodka Martini; dirty, shaken, 2 olives Favorite outdoor activity - Summertime on my boat Red, green, or Christmas? - Christmas


Christopher Cecchini


Since 2022, Christopher has been helping PRS customers reduce their carbon footprint by channeling his 15 years of electrical & photovoltaic experience to clean up our planet & community. Favorite local restaurant - Farm & Table Favorite cocktail - Old Fashioned Favorite hike - Embudito Canyon Red, green, or Christmas? - Red


Yes, we have an in-house install team!

We don't subcontract our installations, because we have ridiculously high quality & service standards. Which also means our projects enjoy shorter turnover times than other solar companies in New Mexico.

"In decades of construction experience, I've never encountered a crew as proficient, knowledgeable, and service-oriented as Photon Rainbow’s. [They] followed through with their promises, were on time, efficient, cheerful, polite, and cleaned up after themselves. Our panels look great, work perfectly, and are high quality, so I expect they'll last a long time. I couldn’t be happier!"

— Margie Davis

Support Our New Mexico Solar Community!


We love these locally owned New Mexico standouts offering stellar products & services:


Looking for a worthy place to donate to? Here are some of the local causes we trust:

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