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Solar mounts & racking Albuquerque

Our Process & Solar Panels

How Solar Works in New Mexico

3-4 month

Avg Project Time

683,211 +

Watts Installed

1 million +

Solar kW Generated

Top Quality Panels

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SunPower solar panels in New Mexico

We install high-efficiency SunPower® solar panels and other premium panels on a case-by-case basis. We only provide the best solar panels possible.  

SunPower solar panels in New Mexico

Our Process

1. Personal consultation

Before anything else, you'll meet with a community solar advocate to look at your home (and electric bill) and discuss whether solar is right for you. No commitment!

Free home solar consultation in Albuquerque, New Mexico

2. Design your solar system

Our OpenSolar software helps you and your advocate find the most efficient layout of solar panels to fit your specific home needs (as well as future projections).

Free solar consultation with OpenSolar simulation software

3. Wait for solar permits...

Sadly this part is out of our hands. Processing time depends on your county & energy provider. But we'll submit everything by the book, and follow up for you as needed.

Icon: wait for solar permits

4. Solar panel installation

However complex, weird, or delicate your project, our in-house construction/electrical team installs every detail to the highest quality standards. Then inspection & activate!

Installing Sunpower solar panels in Albuquerque

How many and what size solar panels you need for your home depends on your usage. We'll help you figure out the right amount kW for your current (and future) needs.

5. Activation & ongoing service

At this point, you'll have a relationship with your solar advocate, who will check in to ensure everything is in tip-top shape... even your roof-top! You can reach out to us anytime you need assistance.

Residential solar energy gauge
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Get immediate investment returns

You worked hard for your home. Now it's time for your home to work hard for you... by sitting & catching sunlight.

How solar works with PNM

Solar & the grid: seasonal tales

Unless you're near the equator, the amount of sunlight hitting your roof varies by the season. Even with solar, in New Mexico cities like Albuquerque & Santa Fe you still have to stay connected to PNM energy. Summer surplus goes into the grid as credit; which you draw upon during winter months when your solar production is lower.

PNM won't pay you for anything extra – so we'll help design a solar panel system that finds the perfect balance for your typical (or predicted) usage.

Energy meter in New Mexico homes (vs solar)

Thank you for making my solar experience easy and painless... [Mark] walked me through every step and took many a phone call after work hours to help me through the process. Looking forward to reducing my carbon footprint by providing renewable energy to the ABQ grid!

— Micah Newman

We'll continue to guide your solar journey

What if your energy needs change? What if you finally power up that casita or decide to add an EV charging station? Your solar advocate can provide education and help you decide the best way to proceed.

solar panels on roof in ABQ

Enjoy peace of mind for 25 years

We'll service your panels for the lifetime of their warranty. Which continues whether you sell the house or stay there.

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